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Project "Light pollution in Croatia"


This project is carried on in cooperation with Višnjan Educational Center. Project was started in 2006. and has both scientific and educational character. We started this project because of urgent need to study light pollution (LP) in Croatia and its surroundings. The project has three main goals:

1. to obtain and secure for the future a record of the level of LP at the most isolated places in Croatia and give it at least a basic scientific foundation.

2. to create and improve semianalythical (SAM) models of light pollution, and to create LP maps of Croatia and its parts. The SAM models are a class of physical models whose simplest building blocks can be described by analytical equations. However, the models themselves are too complex (too many building blocks or too complex interactions between them) to have simple analytical solutions and are thus solved by numerical methods. Such models are much easier to develop and solve than ab-initio numerical models that start from a small set of basic equations (usually differential) and are then solved numerically. SAMs are thus much more suitable for small research groups and limited computational resources (PC-class computers), but also for everyday modelling of the LP.

3. to raise public awareness of this serious environmental problem and to educate future experts in this field.

Research stuff (currently):

Željko Andreić, Ph.D., physicist

Indramani Sharma,, mathematician

Krešimir Pavlić,, geophysicist


A short history of our LP activities


Publications and data for download


Data about LP in Croatia


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