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Current work:

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My main job is teaching at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Oil Enginnering, University of Zagreb. I am responsible for the general physics courses, and a course in fluid mechanics.

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In the last few years I devoted a lot of time to the problem of light pollution in Croatia. Mostly in cooperation with the Višnjan scientific eduactional centre, Višnjan, and Astronomical observatory Višnjan, a lot of filed work was done. We measured the night sky brightness, took some spectra of it and stuided light spill from artificial light sources. I also did a lot of modelling, producing the first-ever model of light pollution for Croatia.

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I am a part of the scientific team of the Croatian meteor network (CMM) that was started in spring of 2007. It is a network of surveilance cameras that monitor the night sky over Croatia. The main goal is study of meteors, but also possible retrieveal of meteorites in case one falls over Croatia. The network has currenty 14 cameras and covers most of the sky above Croatia with the capability of triangulation (two or more cameras cover the same volume of the atmosphere) and meteoroid orbit determination.


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